What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “therapy”? Yes, it does immediately react to the thought of “healing”, “rehabilitation” and “treatment”. Even the word itself proffers a calming sensation. There are many forms of therapeutic experiences a person can choose from, these could be going to spas and saunas. Other people sometimes prefer to take out of town trips as a means to reconnect with nature, to leave the stress behind, or to unwind. While there are studies circulating today those movie sessions is a great method for therapy as well.

Do You Wonder How It Works?

How is this possible? Aren’t their films that can be psychologically and emotionally stressful for its viewers? Well, although this is true, it does not change the reality that proper selection of film genre, message, and story, visual plays a big factor in such psychological healing.As you may have known or heard from many therapists, symbolism, metaphors, and imageries play a big part in terms of exploring a person’s feelings and thoughts. Movie sessions at 123 movies motivate the person to discuss what he or she saw and understood with the film. People become more mindful of their sentiments and perceptions, at times, relating to the characters, story and so on. Theories are formed, thus, creativity capacities are boosted up as well.

Furthermore, for people who actually suppress their honest feelings can be touched and be more empathized. Films are truly an effective method when it comes to storytelling and making people relate to it. As a matter of fact, it emboldens individuals to see that there is always hope despite life’s struggles, role models are everywhere, and problems can be reframed and re-analyzed to see another point of the solution. It is all a matter of seeking the right genre, storyline, and relaxing while watching the movies.