Movie goers of all ages would definitely say that the most unlikeable movie house experience would be standing in queue for popcorn and drinks and then dealing with other cinema goers who lack the basic manners when it comes to enjoying movies in public. Many of us experienced that kind of person who talks a little too loud, cozies up too much and lifts up their foot on the seat and worse, use their cellphones inside the movie house.

While movie houses give you that kind of boom when it comes to their surround sound, lazy boy seats and huge HD screen in front of you, sometimes, it isn’t practical anymore to go through the motions of getting dressed, paying for dinner, paying for gas and parking before you hit the cinema.  It is costly that is why more and more people are opting for the online version of movie houses.

Under Scrutiny

There are those who criticize sites that house online movies because they feel that watching movies online takes away the excitement that can be found in a regular theater. With technology these days, you can enjoy your movies like you would watch it in a regular cinema house because there is no shortage in gorgeous headsets that deliver, speakers that bring the house down and screens big enough to fit the entire wall of your living room and give you high definition free movies online viewing experience. All that and the convenience of good home cooked snack or meal while enjoying the movie in your pajamas, alone or with your family.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to selecting a site that could work for you, research can help you make that decision. You need to keep in mind the legitimacy of the site. Stay away from sites that offer free movies but provides you with pirated copies and some are so blatant to even show movies taken from hidden cameras.